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Understanding the Basics of

Your Radical Energy Cycle

The Radical Seasons of the Menstruation how it effects Your Life and Business

We are born of the seasons; they move in us and around us.

What if you could harness the power of your blood and body. What if you could finally

understand yourself and have a blueprint for your personal future.

Learning to live in and with the menstrual cycle is that gift to all of us. It is our wheelhouse of power and understanding our place in our life and the world. This all resides in the power of our womb and in our blood. For too many generations we have been removed from our Red Tent journey. Now is the time as the feminine energy rises on the planet to step back into the tent and

learn the mysteries we lost and re imagine them for the future.

This session is about getting the basics of the Seasons of the menstrual cycle, based on Wild Power teaching of Alexanra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. How  the seasons effect our life, our body, our moods and how to harness that power and learn to live in the truly Radical Feminine of honouring that power.

What to expect in the Session

This is a 2 hr session in which we examine your relationship with your menstruation cycle, the good the bad, the ugly the non existing, the long gone, the going of it. Then we go into the discovery of the gift of the cycle, the seasons, cycle awareness techniques, how to embrace and begin increasing your journey with the power in your womb space.

  • Discussion of How you live and feel about your personal cycle. We will connect to how you connect to your cycle, your first bleed and how you would like to connect to your cyclical wisdom.

  • Get basic understanding of the container of menstruation, the two Via’s and the two polls of menstruation.

  • Understanding the seasons of menstruation, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. How they move in the cycle, how they effect you.

  •  How you can utilize the seasons to create a more wholistic life.

  • Understanding the Initiatory parts of the season. Why it is important to live in them not fight them.

  • Basic Movement Practice to help you connect to your womb space.

  • Basic Breath practice to relax and connect to your womb space.

This is an exciting new way to look at being a woman. We have for an exceedingly long time been shamed by our bleed now we take it back and learn that this is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it’s a place of power, Radical Power, Radical Feminine. Your cycle is your blueprint to your life and how to live, it will open you up to your purpose, help you claim what is yours and remove what is not. It is a powerful place that is all yours.


Ready to Get Radical with Your Seasons!

Be Radical - Be Cyclical
Get In Your Body
Let it Flow

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