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Radical Feminine Business and Life Goddess

Expanding and Creating with your Cycle and Tantra. Harness who you really are and give that to the world.

Let’s Really Go for it. Let’s Dive so deep you are forever changed in how you move in the world. This is a 6-month adventure to unlock, be supported, play, dismantle and expand into your Radical Feminine Expression. This is the place we find out what it takes for you to become a sovereign free being, a sexy powerful take charge of your path radical being. We explore together what you are here to experience, create, play and release to the world.

What to Expect in Our 6-month Journey

This is where the big work is done, this is where we get real, dirty, clean, free, and Radical. You will be held in a space of safety and learn to create that for yourself and others. You will redefine how you want to live in the world with confidence, power and all that makes you feminine.

Month 1 – Cycle Awareness

  • How do you live in and with your cycle?

  • What was your first bleed like? Embracing it and recreating it.

  • The power of letting your self live in your cycle.

  • Understanding the 2 Vias and 2 Poles.

  • Meeting the Seasons.

  • Charting magic

  • Introducing the many layers of you

  • Anatomy of the yoni

  • Looking at our health threw the cycle

  • Embracing the dark side of the cycle

Month 2 – Movement

  • The pelvic floor and your hips.

  • Yoga and Tantra movement to connect to your sacred parts.

  • Learning your movement range.

  • Movement for cyclical health.

  • Movement for gently trauma release.

  • Embracing your body and all its radical expressions.

  • Finding the dark of movement and letting it lose.

Month 3 – Sensuality and Play

  • Understanding how important sensuality and play are for your health and expression

  • What is your relationship to sensuality and play?

  • The 5 chakras, the 5 senses, the 5 elements.

  • Pleasure exploration.

  • Expanding with sensuality and play.

  • Finding your personal rhythm with sensuality and play.

  • Playing in the shadows of sensuality and what that is to you.

Month 4 – Rest and Meditation

  • Why is rest foundation to our cyclical nature.

  • How is your rest?

  • What is meditation, how it works, why it works, NO you can not do it wrong!

  • Meditation practice that works for you . Exploration of several practices to expand your awareness.

  • Yoga Nidra.

  • Take a Nap!

  • How to expand your intuition with rest and connect to a higher power.

Month 5 – Creativity

  • We are creative beings, what happened?

  • What is your relationship to your creativity?

  • Look at what you are creating and how.

  • Look at what you want to create.

  • Utilizing the cycle to create with.

  • Letting all the colours of yourself out.

Month 6 – Circling Back

  • Weaving it all together.

  • Deepen into the areas that feel good to you.

  • Exploring what made you uncomfortable and why.

  • Integration is the key to it all.

  • Welcome your new Radical Expression of Feminine.

  • Looking at the Dark and light of Feminine expression and embracing it all.

Now does that not sound like a delish adventure to go on?

This is all created for you. Created for you to dive in deep to a different exploration of self. This is for you to challenge the status quo, to say fuck what holds you back (and the patriarchy and colonialism, who does not like that idea) embrace all the sides of you, the light and the dark of the feminine, to find out how they are the perfect weave of your power. This is a longer dive to make sure you can truly integrate and live in a new expression of self.

So, lets Get Radically Feminine.


Ready to Get Radically Feminine!

Be Radical - Be Cyclical
Get In Your Body
Let it Flow

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