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The Place of Worship.

We are sacred, the sacred is us. It’s important in this time to discover where the sacred dwells. How to birth it into this extraordinary time.

The sacred dwells within, she dwells in our body as our body, she is all things. The sacred goddess dwells deep with in each of us and all around. She awaits us turning to her and awakening the deep power in the body. It is time to honor that which we have desecrated for far to long to find the sacred in our body, to find the goddess, the mother, maiden, crone, the mirror of who we are.

To find the goddess you must tease her out and play with her kindly. She is a fierce energy of power and destruction who wants to be welcomed into your life for your transformation. You must understand how sacred she is and come on bended knee to worship her. You must bring her all of yourself and all the gifts she desires. For to worship her is to worship yourself and all that you can become.

She is passion, she is creativity, she is power, she is the change you desire.

Do not be fooled by the false lies of the safe, sweet and subservient goddess. We have been spoon feed many pretty images of the goddess to keep us safe and controlled. The Goddess of flowing robes and soft words who prances around and does kindly things. She is only part of that, she is so much more. She is the power to rip you asunder and to remake you, she is destruction and chaos she is the wilds of your heart. Only in giving yourself completely over to her can you see all that is to be seen about her and in turn yourself. Her desire is to rip you asunder and remake you in her image of power, glory and new.

Her entrance is that most sacred of caves the Vulva, the Yoni, the parts we dare not mention. The place that has for to long been handed over to men and machine, to those who have no concept of what dwells there. Religions, cultures, communities, governments, schools, parents and men have all tried to control and undermine the beauty that lies between your legs. Claiming it as there’s, there’s to do with as they please. For you have no concept of what you are they say, calling you sinner, whore, slut, lesser then. They are wrong. You can feel it in your bones the memory of your birth right, the power that only you command with your beautiful body.

The Vulva, the Yoni should be ours and ours alone to worship at. No man may enter unless fully welcomed and understanding the power that dwells there. No hand may touch or enter that most sacred part of our body with out great reverence for the power that can be unleashed. We all must understanding its gift of initiation to deeper wisdom that only a women carries in her body.

First as women we must understand the power we command. The power that was given to us at birth. We begin with an introduction to our Yoni in Tantra, we begin with a gently touch, a stroke, we begin with a mediation. We sit in contemplation of weaving sound light and form. We open up to our bliss, we build our personal connection to pleasure. We learn our body for our self, we learn her love’s, her fears, her power and her presence. We worship our self and honor our self threw the pillars of Authentic Tantra®. The pillars of Movement, Meditation, Connection and Pleasure. With those pillars we develop the foundation for welcoming the goddess home in our body and in our life, never to be brought asunder again.

Begin with your breath. Begin with the belief you are sacred. Begin with your journey into Tantra. Welcome home the goddess you are.

This is a difficult journey to release the old stigma and shame this cruel and ending world has created for us. Go gently, go slowly.

Welcome the true goddess with in yourself threw the cave of the Yoni.

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