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Rewire your Brain with Pleasure.

Trauma is a big word being used today.

We are just starting to understand the implications of trauma and its effects on our entire human system.

We have so many amazing experts in the field helping us to define and relate to trauma in new and helpful ways. We are finally understanding the importance of understanding Trauma. How it literally rewires the brain, causing the person to not fully function in their life. This is the deep work ahead for us all. To undo the damage trauma has inflicted on us personally and as a collective, the wounds are deep.

Now steps in working with Tantra, specifically Authentic Tantra ® and by extension Asatti Tantra. Both are trauma informed practices that allow the brain to be rewired and heal with the concept of pleasure. Like Trauma, many studies have shown how pleasure rewires the brain. It heals lesions created from deep trauma, connects you deeper to yourself and the world. Pleasure allows you to function and see the world as nonthreatening, where with trauma you see it as a threat. Which way would you like to live?

Pleasure is a powerful tool to heal, and a powerful practice to integrate into your life. To be able to find pleasure in yourself, your body, your mind, and your soul is the goal of working deeply with Tantra. We move you threw somatic practices to connect to your pleasure, create more pleasure. Allowing it to transform the trauma incurred in your life to energy you can utilize to purify and heal. Ultimately changing you to a holistic being, one who can no longer be fucked with!

There is a reason these teachings are only for the brave and have been shunned for a long time. They free you and remove you from the cycle of pain and control the patriarchy has deemed acceptable. A collective who is not traumatized has sovereignty over them self and no need to control another. What a beautiful world that would be!

To embrace your healing, you must embrace your pleasure. To help you heal your trauma go gently, go slowly, take your time. Not all at once, but with love, with kindness and with pleasure you will see that the world and ultimately you are beautiful gifts.

I encourage you to add a little tantra to your life and see where it can take you!

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