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Tantra. The start of my Healing.

Tantra! The word brings images of svelte men and women lounging around half or fully necked in warm tropical places, sex gods and goddesses, orgies and all sorts of dangerous sexual images. It brings to mind hedonistic images of crazy sexual practices. Or no image at all come’s to light with the word tantra. Nothing, just a passing curiosity a mention of Sting or quietly the word s.e.x. I am not going to lie to you, I thought the same thing, or I had it tied up with the Kama Sutra, which is not the same thing by the way. What I found out personally is that Tantra is a path out of suffering. It is a path into unity, connection and bliss. It is a holistic healing modality that changed my life and everything in it. Tantra changed my relationship to my husband, to the world and most importantly the relationship to myself. I am not at all the image of Tantra. I am not the poster child of Tantra, I am not a svelte sex goddess, well manured or lusty, I am not peaceful all the time and I am not lounging around. I am an average, cute white skinned women, plus sized by social standards, opinionated, curious, joyful, smart ass, the good and the complicated of being a woman in the world. So why Tantra, what is so darn amazing about it that it took over and brought me back to life and alignment?

Let’s start with what tantra means; its direct meaning is to weave sound, light and form. Sounds so pretty does int not? But what does that mean for you and me. Tantra is about living it, embodying it, and weaving it into everything you do and are. Sound is about our words and thoughts, its how we create the vibrations we are living in. We all know by know what the consequence of our thinking is. How a positive thought and word change the dynamic of how we perceive the world and a negative thought or word directly drops the reality of what we are doing and being. Thoughts and words have power, sound is power. Sound is the instrument of which we create our world. Light is the reflection of what sound has created, or spoken into being. Light is the manifestation of the work you have been doing whether consciously or not in your life. Light is what we see, inside and outside same. It shows us what we have been saying and thinking. Form, my personal favorite and for me the piece that so many spiritual and non-spiritual practices in this world seem to forget or deny. Form is the body, the temple. The temple is the place we have the pleasure of experience in and with. The body is the place we have done the most damage and neglect to, by our words and our actions. Tantra teaches us with love and respect, the power of these three have in our life. Tantra teaches the importance of working with them to heal and create our life. Working with Tantra, weaving sound light and form we remove our suffering and welcome a pleasurable, creative, connected life. That is Tantra to weave sound light and form.

Where does the Sex Goddess and God come into play with Tantra? The practice of Tantra is a spiritual path to enlightenment and freedom from suffering. To do that with Tantra we must engage with the part of us that is forbidden and shamed, our sexuality. We have it all ass backwards to the power of our healthy sexuality; if we even acknowledge we have a sexuality. We teach each other so many bad ideas around sex. Or we are taught nothing at all and must figure it out threw mainstream media or porn. Not the most loving ways to explore or welcome sexuality into our life. Religion, social conditioning, gender identity or conformity, government, medical information or misinformation and a whole lot of other things influence how we see our bodies and our sexuality, none of them particularly wise or loving. The amount of misinformation about how our body’s work is staggering and frankly heart breaking to me. Well bring on the sexy time in a loving, honoring, sacred way please; because that is what Tantra does. Without sexuality we have no sense of grounding, expansion, creativity or bliss. We have no control over our own life, life force or direction. Tantra is a holistic practice, to be whole we must recognize the body and the pleasures it is here to experience. That requires a healthy, informed, loving expression of sex or union in Tantra. If we deny, shame, harm or forget the part of our body that we all where created from we are literally denying, shaming, harming and forgetting our self and our expression of self. In Tantra we are using the pleasure we find in our body threw sexual connection to heal all the pain from this life and past life’s. That is where the goddess and god sit, in the genitals. With the practices of Tantra we awaken and heal the goddess and god with in to welcome a path out of suffering to bliss.

For me this little bit of information changed the way I viewed my body and my life. It changed how I interacted with my husband and the world around me. It allowed me to understand in a much deeper way how to honor my body and how important it is to do so. Tantra showed me how not to be ashamed of how I work, how to work with my body and that it is good to work with my body. It showed me I was not broken, my husband was not broken, we just needed to connect in a healthy, healing, loving and pleasurable way. Tantra gave me the tools to not view my body a shameful broken thing but, a beautiful, honored, and sacred thing. It taught me that by honoring its needs and desires I could build deeper connection to myself, my husband and the world. I have released so much of what has been told to me threw bad information and false teachings to be able to embrace and truly recognize the awesome that is Saoirse. Tantra and her beautiful tools and practices awakened myself to myself and to deep healing I could not find any where else in the world. I am becoming an advocate for Tantra and its healing powers as just a regular mere mortal of awesome. So if images of svelte gods and goddess still wonder across your mind, that’s great, but save some space for my body and your body and all bodies who want to realize a different way to heal and become hole and free from suffering. It’s a beautiful path, I am honored to share my journey with you and hope to inspire you to deeper exploration, cause this shit works

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