Welcome to Saoirse

Like any woman I have gathered a bag full of tricks in the journey of discovering my own personal womanhood.  My journey to seek what I am and how to live in the world is what drives me. My purpose is to support others to seek and embrace their own sovereignty. Sovereignty is my key word and work, this is freedom of choice, of movement, of being, this is divine responsibility and growing up. To grow up is to recognize your radical feminine power and bring it to the world, because
we need it now!
This is not about getting rich, finding the right job or partner, making your parents proud, or being something, society deems safe and convenient. This is about becoming who you want to become. My work with you is about the unfolding threw the journey and allowing yourself to do that journey with out the need for perfection, getting anywhere or anything. You are already radically amazing;
my work is to help you live that way.
So, in my bag of tricks I offer you practical techniques and teaching, earned wisdom, years of study, embodiment practice and natural woman intuitive guidance. I have been trained by shaman, tantric teachers, womb yoga teachers, menstrual cycle teachers, intuitive guides, life and hundreds of clients. I am a certified sexologist, trauma informed tantra teacher, somatic body worker, menstrual awareness coach, movement coach, artist, soon to be womb and yoga certified teacher. I have been working in the enlightenment and freedom realm for over 15 years professional.  I have been creating work shops, holding classes, working one on one and doing intuitive readings and healings since I was 9 years old.   I work in the light and in the dark, nothing is left out and nothing should be, its all you. My gift is to create safe space and hold the ground for you to blossom in. I am (well I like to think I am) charming, strong, intuitive and will truthfully guide you to what you require, its not always lovely but it helps us grow. I believe in the power of play, pleasure, and rest to support and
expand consciousness and just plain old having a good life.
I live my life radically, my way and with the desire to help others to do the same.
The more of us being radical, the more radical and magical the world can be again.


Tantra - a Philosophy of Love and Connection

You are not afraid of Yoga, why be afraid of Tantra?

The word T antra means to weave sound, light and form. Sound is our voice, our words, our thoughts and our mantra. It is how we speak life into our world. Light is what we see and create with. We practice tantra with our eyes open so we may see what is going on inside our self and outside. It is the reflection of our inner world. Form is the world we live and create in. It is the body; the temple that houses our frequency and our being. All tantric practices are about holistic healing, pleasure and freedom of suffering by weaving sound, light and form in all we do.

Tantra is a yogic healing practice and spiritual path based on sexual and non-sexual practices. It is the highest form of yoga we can practice. This practice gives us the tools to break through what is holding us back and create a whole human experience. The path of tantra works with the Mind, Body, Spirit connection (light, sound and form) to heal, integrate and transform your person into the greatest expression you can be.

Tantra is a practice with a rich history spanning thousands of years. There are multiple schools of tantra, or sacred sexuality such as classical Indian Tantra, Taoist Tantra, Neo-Tantra, White Tantra, Sakta Tantra and many more beautiful expressions. Tantra’s goal is to transform and holistically heal mind, body, and consciousness, to help remove suffering from your life.

Asatti Tantra is founded in Sakta Tantra the tantra of being in your own body, a worship of the divine energy under its feminine personification. It is the practice of understanding our cyclical nature of the radical feminine. Asatti Tantra utilizes movement, sensuality , trauma informed practices to allow and support the unfolding of ones personal awakening.