Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Tantra, Cycle Awareness and Radical Feminine,  its that sex thing right?

Well Tantra does have sexual practices because it is a holistic healing practice sex is not its only focus. Tantra’s goal is freedom from suffering. We do that with many beautiful practices of connection.

Cycle Awareness is the big work of learning to live in our menstrual cycle and divine our life from its power, its the place we find ourselves, our wisdom and our power. 

Bring that all together and you have Radical Feminine of your design. this is the process of blooming into you and trusting your own divine, goddess given power. 

Will I have to be NAKED?

The short answer is NO. All sexual practices are done on a model. I am fully comfortable with nudity so if you feel more comfortable that way, I have no judgement. I will not be naked in our sessions.

Will there be genital touching?

Nope, although I truly believe in the healing power of a Lingam and Yoni massage I do not facilitate them personally. I am a teacher and practitioner of Tantra. Again, all practices will be shown on a model.

How long will it take?

That’s a big question. Healing will take as long as it need’s and should never be rushed “Gently Slowly” is my motto.
I know we want a quick fix in the western world, but if you look around our quick fixes are getting us sicker not better. Patience, Love, kindness, pleasure and curiosity are required for true healing. That said I do work in 1 session, 6 sessions or really deep support of months. pick your poison after we have had a 20 min. consultation so we can find what will work best for what you require.

What can I expect in a session with you?

Good question. Each session will be filled with compassion, pleasure, challenge and hopefully some fun. The structure will be dictated by the medicine you require in that session. Medicine is what we call the tools of tantra, because that is what we are doing. We are healing and that requires doses of compassion, pleasure, love, movement, sexuality, mediation and anything else. All this to help you embrace your cyclical nature and tap into your own radical feminine wisdom.

Where do Sessions take Place?

In person sessions take place in my home office, so we can be safe and comfortable to explore the world of Tantra, cycle awareness and the radical feminine together. Or if you can’t come to me, we can Zoom from any where in the world. How lucky are we for technology!

How much does it cost and Why?

How much is your healing worth? I have years of training and a great track record. Your paying for my expertise in a field you need help in. This is a partnership that I am guiding you on. Your Bliss is worth the investment, but ultimately you must decide your value. If you keep doing the same thing you get the same results. How much work you put into the play will give you the reward. Dollar costs are placed on the page with the programs. Pause, Breath, then allow what needs to arise before you jump into your yes or no.

What is your Education and Accreditation?

I am a certified Tantric Teacher and Coach. I am a certified Womb Yoga instructor, from Yoni Shakti, by Uma Tuli Dinsmore. I am a trained Cycle Awareness Coach from the Red School.  I am a certified Sexologist from the American college of Sexologists. I am in the process of becoming a yoga instructor.

I have over 20 years of experience and training with intuitive's, shaman, healers, and artists. I have over 10 years of hands on experience working energetically and physically with the body to help process past and present trauma.

I have built a quite and strong practice helping people to release what is no longer serving them and moving in the direction they want to go. It has been my pleasure to support many souls to embrace their radical selfs.

Side note most of the people I have trained with and under are old school and don't believe a certificate is a sign of a good job, the work is the proof!                 


If you have any other questions, please reach out and ask them. All are welcome and I will do my best to answer them.