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The Business of Being in Your Body

Welcome Home to Yourself. Welcome to the Power of Generating what you want to Create.

Let’s Weave together all that makes us feminine and powerful. This is where we play with our mind, body, spirit, and sensuality to embrace and understand what makes you tick and what wants to bloom in your life. These are 6 one on one sessions devoted to you. This is where you Welcome Yourself Home, this is where you Get In Your Body.  Each session will be a exploration of an aspect of self and a chance to expand what you know about yourself and how you show up in the world.

What to expect in the Sessions

Each session is devoted to you, we will weave what is called for and forward. They will consist of 1.5hr where we connect to what is present and then dive into Menstruation, Movement, Sensuality/Play, Rest/Meditation, Creativity and our finale session will be us circling back to bring it all home to you. This is time just for you, take that time its profound.


  • Understanding your connection to your bleed and womb space

  • Understanding the power of the womb

  • Anatomy of the Yoni

  • Understanding the container of menstruation, the 2 Via’s and the 2 Poles

  • Basics of the Seasons of Menstruation


  • Intro to your pelvic floor and your hips

  • Yoga and Tantra movements to connect to your sacred parts

  • Movements for cycle health

  • Movement for gentle trauma release


  • How are you connected to your Sensuality and Play?

  • The 5 chakras, the 5 senses, the 5 elements

  • Seeking healing in sensuality and play

  • Expanding with sensuality and play

  • Finding your personal rhythm with sensuality and play


  • Why rest is foundational to our cyclical nature

  • How is your rest?

  • Meditation practice that works for you. An exploration of several types to expand your awareness and find ones that work for you.

  • Take a Nap!


  • We are creative beings

  • Look at how you are creating and how

  • Look at what you want to create

  • Utilizing the cycle and your body to create with

Circling Back

  • Remember we are cyclical beings so we gotta go right back and keep spinning.

  • Overview of all that we played with, what worked for you what did not.

  • Integration of what works and where we should go from here.

This is a time for you to take a different look at who and what you are. This is the place to explore safely who you are and welcome yourself back into your body, mind, and spirit. You will learn that it is totally safe to be who and what you are. When you feel safe then you can expand, show up and change the world. So Welcome Home to the wisdom of your heart, womb and body, welcome home

to your power. Welcome home to you.


Ready to Get Radical with Cyclical Tantra!

Be Radical - Be Cyclical
Get In Your Body
Let it Flow

Awesome, I am so excited you want to get Radical. So lets do this. Feel Free to book your 20 min. session with me absolutely free. 

Ready to just go for it, YAY! 

These sessions are $1158 for 6 1.5hr sessions of Radical exploration. 

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